Industrial and geographical focus...

TSKB REIT's investment strategy is concentrated on commercial real estate due to the regular rent income and cash flow pattern which can be obtained from these kinds of assets. Business and shopping centers, tourism facilities, logistic warehouses and industrial plants are typical investment projects that the Company would like to add to its real estate portfolio within this framework.

Residential investments can be another area of attraction as a part of a mixed use project or with respect to their potential profitability in stand-alone cases .

The investment strategy entails the orientation to the fast growing regions throuhgout Turkey, in addition to the center and surroundings of the city of Istanbul. The road to a geographical diversification relies on the acknowledgement of the varying characteristics and requirements according to the individual dynamics of each particular geography.

The goal of growth by project development...

TSKB REIT is also project development company. The Company has a culture of developing projects as well as historical data that demonstrates its ability to develop successful projects in a timely and feasible fashion. Among the targets of the strategy is the recording of a sustainable growth with the development, investment, and completion of real estate projects consecutively, which are primarily planned to be held within the portfolio in the long run. However, the Company does not rule out the possibility of a disposal in case of potential buyers with attractive offers. The proceeds of such disposal would be certainly used for new project development investments by the Company. 

Risk calculation...

Due to it being a subsidiary of a well established and proficient investment bank, the Company has an inherited professional approach and the necessary know-how enabling it to run its business in the most efficient and proper manner. The decreasing of the risk factors to the minimum by the confirmation of the commercial validity of a project at the beginning phase through research and negotiation, taking under guaranty the necessary financing requirement of the investment and to ensure its compliance with the regulations in force are the most important elements of the risk mitigation strategy.