Board Of Directors
Human Resources
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics

Executives and employees pursue the following basic values in their relations and works to endeavour to keep the reputation of TSKB REIT and its shareholders at maximum level.

  • The activities of the Company are carried out based on legal regulations in force, the Articles of Incorporation and the policies set off.
  • Informal works are forbidden. Essential is the correctness and consistency of the business books and records.
  • Confidental and classified information of the Company and the personal information of the employees are kept secret.
  • Only those who have professional qualifications to execute the duties given are elected to work at TSKB REIT.
  • The employees show utmost care to Company expenditure and act in awareness for savings and costs.
  • All employees execute their jobs in an equalitarian, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Relations between the employees are based on the understanding of mutual respect, reliability and cooperation.
  • Employees are not allowed to use information, confidental and not open to public for their own favour or in favour of others.