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Human Resources
Human Resources

As an investment company, TSKB REIT gives utmost importance to human resources for the right analysis and decision. The main principles of the Company’s approach to human resources and talent management are:

(i)  the individual development of the employees by sharing of the authorization and responsibility,  

(ii) the support for education, training and research,   

(iii) the acknowledgement of the personal rights of the employees,

(iv) coaching and motivation.              

TSKB REIT works with an experienced team of experts in the development and management of its real estate investments and the coordination of project management. This team carries out functions such as the exploration of new investment opportunities, monitoring of the industry and the market for the development thereof, the preparation of the feasibility and evaluation reports and the delivery and supervision of the project management of ongoing investments. The team incorporates professionals from main disciplines such as engineering, architecture, urban planning, and business administration having professional knowledge and experience in their respective fields.