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Activities of REITS
Activities of REITS

REITs are classified as capital market institutions according to capital market regulations and while generally acting within an investment trust framework with the Communique Serial: III-48.1 of CMB, they have the mixed nature of operating both in the finance and real estate sectors.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Real Estate Investment Trusts are authorized to manage their own portfolios and may employ portfolio managers. They can also get portfolio management or investment advisory services from authorized investment advisers.

VALUATION The valuation of the assets of the real estate investment trusts is similar to that of the mutual funds. Their portfolio value, net asset value and the net asset value per share is calculated daily.

DISCLOSURE After being approved by the CMB, the articles of incorporation of a real estate investment trust is announced in the Turkish Commercial Registry Journal. As well as that; REITs have to prepare prospectus in the case of issuance and public offering of the shares. Besides, important developments about the real estate investment trusts and their quarterly portfolio tables including their assets and net asset value per share are announced to the investors in the bulletin of the stock exchange. Finally, their annual and semiannual financial statements have to be audited by a certified external auditor and announced in the bulletin of the stock exchange.